in·sti·gate | \ ˈin(t)-stə-ˌgàt

Def: to urge forward, to spur a movement,

to incite change, to provoke

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We sit at the intersection of smart cities, blockchain technology, corporate innovation, and movement making

Status-quo busters instigating in all the right ways 

We play to win, while others play not to lose. We adapt while others mitigate. We’ll find the emergent direction while others will stay the course.

We’re asking you to take the red pill.

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From INSTIGATION in international markets to proof-of-concept and globally scaled integration, we put people at the heart of business to drive sustainable social and financial growth

We innovate on sustainable models that align to a set of values and value distribution within a given organization - moving these groups from uncertainty to certainty. 

Our model is composed of a step-by-step process that involves being, doing, and having all that you desire through building, creation, and growth. 

In the spirit of social transformation, we listen, observe, and connect the tissue between product, people, and place.  

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At the intersection of corporations, startups, and cities - there are often misaligned interests. 

While large scale corporations are often burning cash, startups are reaching dead ends, and cities are struggling to maintain an edge on technology to responsibly serve citizens.

While corporations are often are good at scale and bad at innovation — startups are typically good at innovation, but bad at scale. 

We bridge that gap.

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We remove roadblocks and design the way forward

Working directly with protocols, venture portfolios and accelerator cohorts that steer city focused blockchain startups, we prioritize innovation ecosystems in Asia, South America, Europe, and the US along with the supply chains and stakeholder groups they leverage globally.

And if you’re team needs to open their minds, we offer a series of innovation workshops to get everyone thinking, intuiting, and acting as a collective, exponentially increasing the power of leadership within your organization.

Scaling successfully into new communities

We’ve proven conscious growth is possible and lucrative. Now it’s time to rack up frequent flyer miles and spread the love. We leverage corporate partners’ global footprint to reach and serve humanity, leveraging new blockchain enabled business models as a tool to make people and profit work better together.

Our strong suit is in open doors to markets and people who would otherwise be hard to reach in international government, cities, and large organizations — creating partnerships, alliances, and opportunities for your company to grow.

Creating business models for the future

After creating new opportunities, we design or enhance go-to-market strategies followed by implementation. We create business models never tested before. This means a lot of storytelling, value translation, and getting teams aligned around a new collective future. We make the complex more simple, the stories more real, and deconstruct limiting beliefs along the way.

We’re laser focused on revenue generation in this testing environment and long-term viability.


 Previous work and clients

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The Be-Do-Have Method

Be-Do-Have is about embodying your values first and foremost to be the organization you want to be in order to do the right things that have the desired outcomes (not just outcomes) .

A mentality that many before us and plenty after us have or will embrace. 

Everyone from ancient Greeks, to practicing monks, to the most conscious leaders of our time adopt this philosophy. 

Imagine applying this concept to your daily life and to your organization - it’s transformative! 

We’ll show you how.


the organization that embodies and emboldens values


the things that support growth and inspire action


the aligned outcomes and results


Instigation Protocol applies this methodology to each and every intentional conversation with a startup founder, corporate innovators, end users, and everyone in between. We do this so we can propel transformative people, technologies, and business models into our society- ensuring each global citizen is a meaningful participant in our future.

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How we instigate

We’re your partner in crime (mostly in doing good), instigating internal and external growth of your organization. Moving from a values-centric approach to the very DNA of your company, helping you communicate, expand, and grow. 

As experts in the new economy, we’ll give you the roadmap to the future, co-creating with you, instigating from start to finish (or can jump into to generate specific pieces along the way).


Meet Faris And Chelsea


Faris worked in the corporate world for many years and after watching a life changing TED Talk, he struggled to find a role that fit his skill set and interests. So he created his own.

Faris is also co-chair for the Smart Cities committee with the Blockchain For Impact initiative, a partnership with the UN Office of Partnerships, Organizing Committee for Smart Cities Expo, Advisor to SXSW Pitch, and a mentor to several founders. He’s also a regular keynote speaker on blockchain and the societal change it can potentially bring to cities.

He’s also won mega infrastructure projects in the Middle East, sold financial products to working families in New Jersey, interviewed heads of state across Europe, worked the night shift at Subway, the day shift at Dairy Queen, and has taken an around the world trip for under $100.


Chelsea Rustrum explores shared ownership and value distribution through the lens of the sharing economy and blockchain technology. She’s the author of It’s a Shareable Life, the founder of Blockchain for Good, a social and educational series. 

Chelsea grew up a teenage entrepreneur building businesses online from middle school onward. Later she understood how sharing time, space, and resources could transform human relationships and exchange. Today, she works toward creating systems, structures, and financial models that reinforce our interdependence. To that end, she’s working on a collaborative Blockchain Code of Ethics to program the future with collectively aligned values.

She has also advised dozens of marketplaces and has spoken to corporate audiences such as PwC and J&J, helping organizations understand the changing, often disruptive nature of innovation in business. She’s also contributed to articles in Inc. Magazine, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Wired, Forbes, and The Economist.

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Testimonials And Press


“…paints a compelling picture of how we create a healthier, more sustainable economy.”

-Rachel Botsman, author of What’s Mine is Yours


“The folks at Instigation Protocol are leading the charge of integrated innovation, illuminating the new economy and connecting the dots that need to be connected amongst cities, corporations, and startups.”

-Jorge Saraiva, City Labs

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