Instigation Protocol

We work with the blockchain solutions challenging the status quo.



We work with blockchain solutions actively tackling systems change that would improve human prosperity in cities. We work with cost-conscious organizations in the midst of transitioning from development to market adoption that leverage blockchain, with business models geared towards achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and service the smart cities industry.

We help reach milestones by fulfilling a diverse set of roles including businesses development, partnerships, marketing, user experience, strategy, and product management.

We create exponential productivity relative to internal and often non-specialist roles.


Few blockchain solutions focus on creating a user base or delivering an effective go-to-market strategy.

Fewer are less concerned with organizational fundamentals, notably cultivating a culture people will resonate with.


We listen, we engage, we connect, and we steer. From your desk in San Francisco to your developers in Delhi, and onwards to your customers in London, we're there.

We align ourselves to your kpi's. We excecute alongside your team and immerse ourselves in your culture.

Social Impact

We care about empowering communities and have a positive impact on the people we interact with. Our goal is to help make technology work for people, not the other way around.


Tribe Accelerator


Blockchain for Impact

Cube Intelligence

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